My Year of reConnection – Week Six

Ooo, I’m late with publishing this one..  Due to a spontaneous trip down South to a Lindy-Hop dance camp at the weekend, not only am I late publishing, but I had to do a little bit of ‘posting-many-letters-on-one-day’ to make up for the fact I was in rural Hertfordshire and had no cards to write on!  Tut tut, naughty Smith!



I did an aerials workshop today as my gig was snowed-off.  I hadn’t got a partner, but the lovely Simon stepped in and so I thought to send him a lindy-adapted thank you card.


On the original ‘Twitter by Post’ piece that inspired me to do this, the guy made a postcard out of a cereal box, and I liked the idea.  So when I finished my coco pops this morning, that’s what I did, and I sent it to my Mum so she can bring me some more when she comes to visit next week! 🙂


Juicy Lucy again, and just a little note to a friend to say hello etc.


February is the month that all the wonderful people were born, and so it requires a lot of organisation to remember to post things in time.  I fear I may forget some… 


Last week, Elly came to visit and saw my homemade cards.  She said I should make a snake one, so I tried.. Not sure it was massively successful (and I ended up with a lot of green everywhere..!)  My bro(liver)ther has a tendency to add words into the middle of other words, so I did this with Snare and Snake..  Without the explanation/crazy mind of my family I’m not sure it works either, so overall a pretty lame birthday card for Ms Snare..! Oops.


I have bought many cards with the next recipient in mind, but this one seemed pretty fitting for her birthday.. 🙂


As I mentioned above, I got to go to a dance camp at the weekend.  I was pretty knackered by the end of it (hence the postcard photo below) and sent a big thank you to the person who enabled me to go.


Hope you all had a great week,

Keep in touch,

Tessa x


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