My Year of reConnection – Week Seven

And so week 7 begins the way that week 6 ended, with some hurried writing of notes and cards to make up for the days I was at Good Night Sweet Heart, dancing all day and all night with not a postbox to be seen..


Whilst dancing at the weekend, a lovely gent persuaded me out of my comfort zone and got me dancing in a Jam Circle (doing an air-step whilst EVERYONE watched. eek!)  The same gent and his lovely lady were the main players in organising my attendance at the camp, so I thought it right to thank them.


More camp-related thank yous, and this one to the folk who’s house I stayed at. 🙂


Back to date, and a Birthday Postcard/quick hello to a former boss.  I have been very lucky to have many wonderful jobs over my (almost 27!) years on this planet, and worked with many lovely people.  I do think that Liz at ‘The Pinfold’  in Hexham will always be the best boss I will ever have though..  She’s ace.


It was pointed out to me that, despite posting something every day this year, I failed to send Valentines cards to 2 lovely men I know.  I thought I’d remedy this, but I didn’t want them to feel ‘ranked’ in any way.. So, rather than post one with a 2nd class stamp the day before one with a 1st, I created 2 identical cards and posted them together.

My Poppa used to tell me that I was his favourite grandchild.  It was a few years after he died when my brother, sister and I realised that he had told this to all of us, but we hadn’t wanted to gloat to each other about it.  I thought this was brilliant of him – making us all feel special, but not unfairly.   I took a similar tact here.. 🙂

(Apparently, one looked “more like a heart” than the other..!  I clearly can’t win! 😉 .

Today is my birthday.  Every year since I met my friend Smithers, who also has her birthday today, we have breakfasted in Harvey Nichols on the morning of the 17th and had a glass of 2 of Champagne.

I didn’t need to post todays card as it was exchanged at our birthday breakfast.


The start of many thank yous I need to send, this one is to Sunshine Bakery in Chapel Allerton who made me the most beautiful (and delicious) strawberry birthday cake as part of the #FridayPicnic.  I intend to blog about that, and my birthday week this year, so keep an eye out!


Thanks for reading, and please do send me your addresses!

Tessa x


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