My Year of reConnection – Week Eight

Another week, and some more trips to the postbox!

Carrying on my thank yous, I sent this to the wonderful Culture Vulture.  Truth be known, I bought it with her in mind about 6 weeks ago! 


My cousin gave me these wonderful ‘fold + mail’ pages for my birthday.  The letter paper folds up to create it’s own envelope!  I like them lots.. 🙂


..Lots and lots!  This one got written on the train and posted in York. 🙂


This postcard has got to be my favourite yet.  It’s just fantastic!  I bought it from a lovely shop on Hyde Park Corner called Atticus.  I used to work there in fact, but Claire is shutting up shop and starting a new adventure at the end of March so if you want to pop in (I highly recommend it!) you’d better do it soon!  I might well go in and buy the rest of this design!


More thank yous.  It’s important to say thank you, you know..  This card was bought from ‘GiftShopDotCom’ – there’s some LOVELY things on there too..


My friend John and I have known each other for longer than I’d care to mention.  Our birthdays are not far apart, and for 9 days each year we are the same age.  I used to enjoy these days, but now I enjoy when he turns ‘a year’ older than me so I can hold on to being young! 😉


I have had this postcard in my card-box for years and years.  I don’t know where it’s from (possibly high school) or what it means (if anything) but I think it’s cute.. 🙂


When was the last time you send some ‘snail mail’..?  It can be good fun, you know!

Keep in touch,

Tessa x


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