2012 Gratitude – February


Today, I had my first Lomi Massage, from Jo.  It was incredible: both relaxing, and really telling – allowing me time to think and consider certain things.  It’s like counselling for the body, and I’m very grateful of it.  And for skill swaps. 🙂

I’m also grateful for Mike and David for dancing with me at the Burley Big Band gig, and for not being the one who drove! x


Things to be thankful for today – my lovely pupils, one of whom told me I looked “really cool” today (he’s 6 years old!), happy coincidences whereby I hope for something and it happens, and the lovely and supportive people in Bingley who came down to my new residency there this evening. 🙂 x


Today, Solaris had a rehearsal.  I’m very lucky to have found such a wonderful group of ladies (in addition to the original group of ladies!) to spend time and sing with.   After practice, I visited The Boys of Brudenell Grove, (via Atticus, which reminded me to be thankful for the great Jobs I have had over the years) with whom I had a lovely afternoon/evening.  Thank you! x


Two singing lessons with new students today!  Thank you to Jo and Elly for being open to my teaching, fearless in their lessons and for skill-swapping – it’s very fun!   Thank you too to my little house for keeping me warm when it’s all snowy and cold outside. x


Last week, I learned a couple of aerials in Hull with the fabulous Bruce and Jane.  Today, I did the same but in Leeds, and so I thank them for that.   And I thank Simon too for stepping in to be my partner, and to Egle for spotting for us so I didn’t feel too scared! x


I like cooking, and cooking for people (rather than just myself) makes it even more enjoyable.  Therefore I am grateful today for the opportunity to do so, and also for the wonderful people of Kingston Swing for dances, and fun party games, and Cava and Cake! x


Today, I went to Leeds Jazz Club and had a sing with the band.  Not only would I like to thank the patrons for their warm response and the band for inviting me to perform, but a massive thank you to Mike too, who made the trip especially to support me when I didn’t feel much like staying and singing.  🙂   Thanks too to Alex for a good ‘chat’ online after I got home and couldn’t get to sleep. x


Thank you to those people who made my day what it was today – one that ended with smiles: The lovely folk of High Spirits Choir, David for a beautiful performance and great post-show chat, and Bruce for helping me organise a last minute trip to GNSH Dance Camp! x


I have gratitude today for the wonderful evenings that happen unexpectedly.  My gig was cancelled, due to worries of bad weather, and so my Thursday night took a different path!  Thank you to the kids at swing soc’ for a fun class, the guys in Louis Louis Louis for a fantastic gig at Sela, and to Mr Broad for your company and (drunken) conversation. 🙂 x


This weekend I am at ‘Good Night Sweetheart’ a large Swing Dance Camp in Hertfordshire.  I wasn’t planning on being here, but a last minute change of plans means I am, with huge thanks to Angie (and team Hull) for sorting my place, Mike for driving me down and Smithers for keeping Hendricks alive whilst I am away. x


Oh, I love dancing.  And I’m so grateful to have it in my life.  Tonight, I am also grateful to all those lovely folk I danced with: particularly Skye who was just lovely (even though I was pretty intimidated to be dancing with someone so amazing).  *swoon* hehe. x


More dancing today, and many more people to say thank you to, including Heather for the kind loan of her car, Jane for the kind providing of Gin and Bruce for pushing me out of my comfort-zone and making me do an aerial in the jam circle.  It was terrifying, but I’m glad I did it. x


I seem to be thanking Bruce a lot this weekend, but he deserves it!  Today, I am grateful that he drove me back to Leeds and that I was able to sleep on the journey – I definitely needed it!  Thanks too to Mike and David for accompanying me to the big band gig, and kicking off my Birthday Week! x


I am grateful that this week is Half Term!  Or rather, I am grateful this morning not to have to get up and go to School!  Gratitude too goes to the folk at Leeds Jazz Club, particularly the large group of dancers with whom I swing out on the dance floor.  Great fun. 🙂 x


I’m not usually particularly cheerful about the buses in Leeds, however, as I found out today that my car is due its MOT, I am grateful that public transport exists and was able to get me everywhere that was needed, including to ‘High Spirits’ choir rehearsal and back home to cook dinner for Mike and Dave, as both of those things were lovely. x


Today, we had an early morning Solaris rehearsal, to prepare for our gig tomorrow.  Later on I went to Swing Soc, (as Jenny was kindly depping for me on my gig) where I had a birthday Jam.  Afterwards, I went to ‘All That Jazz’ at Hifi, (via the Dry Dock) where the JB Big Band and everyone in the venue played/sang happy birthday to me just after midnight.  All these things are things I say thank you for today! x


Many many thank yous today, on my Birthday.  To Smithers and HN folk for a lovely traditional Champagne Breakfast, to Culture Vulture for sorting out my WONDERFUL Sunshine Bakery cake. To Solaris and all at the Friday Picnic for making our gig great, to my Family for driving down to Leeds to meet me for lunch (or for calling to wish me a good day), to the Wardrobe staff, where we had our lunch, to my Friends for joining me at various parts of the day, or simply wishing me a Happy Birthday, to Dancing and the lovely Lindy Friday attendees, to Epernay and their staff, to Lizzie Thomas for doing the washing up, and to the existence of Champagne and Cake – Birthdays would not be the same without you. x


More Birthday fun, and more things to be thankful for: LT and Tori for coming to visit, and providing fun girlie times over dinner, getting vintaged-up and drinking Champagne.  Maven and The Wet Spot for being 2 wonderful Leeds venues full of lovely folk, and to all the people who came to watch the Burlesque and do some more dancing. 🙂 x


Thank you to John for coming to visit today, and bringing me (another!) bottle of Champagne.  It was lovely to see you. 🙂 x


This evening, I needed to get out of the house and do something.  I am, therefore, grateful for the existence of danceable gigs on pretty much every night of the week (if you know where to look!) to knowing dancing boys who are always up for a road trip, and to the Gordon Tetley Big Band and their audience for being very welcoming and friendly in The Dubrovnik Hotel! x


I went to York this evening, which is always fun to do – it’s a beautiful place.  Thanks goes to the Lindy folk of York, Hull and Leeds for a fun night, Mike for accompanying me, and to Trains that run where I want them to so a drink or two may be enjoyed. 🙂 x


It was time for another Bettakultcha today, and so I went along.  I had a lovely time, with some lovely company, and some great laughs – and for that, I am grateful. x


I am very lucky to have some wonderful friends, and today I received a message from one of the newer ones which was very kind, and really made me smile.  I also heard word from one of the ‘older’ ones, saying I’m going to be seeing him at the weekend: both things to be grateful for. x


Today, I am thankful that I am able, occasionally at least, to be productive; it makes me feel good to have a sense of accomplishment once in a while!  Thank you too to Smithers, for a lovely lazy evening of pizza, cake and crap TV. x


At very short notice (about 2 hours) I was messaged today to run a Jazz Vocal workshop at Heart, in Headingley.  It went really well, so I would like to say thankyou to Kate for the opportunity (hope you feel better soon!), Jenny for suggesting me, and the attendees for going with my slightly improvised lesson plan and doing so well!  – I had a great time.

And the day only got better, with an great evenings fun on the Haworth Haddock.  The host’s service went above and beyond, Mitt was here, the band were fab (as usual) the company was wonderful and the dancing was great fun.  Love days like today. Thank you. x


I went to a Tap Dance Class today, which was wonderful fun.  Not least because the beautiful Georgie was there – thank you for making it even more fun than usual!   Thanks too go to Cato, for my late lunch and Monopoly fun (even though you cheated lots..) and to Righteous! at Sela Bar for organising an enjoyable gig to round off the day. x


Gratitude today goes to continued productivity, and the invitation to join an extremely talented gent in the Studio – it makes me feel happy to know I am trusted with listening to unfinished tracks, as I know how precious I am of my own music until it’s ready to be released, so thank you.  🙂  I’m also thankful for company at dinner time, as it gives me more reason to cook. x


Another trip to Leeds Jazz Club tonight, and another reason to be grateful as I received great feedback about the article I wrote for Culture Vulture that has been published in ‘Just Jazz’ Magazine this month.  I’m glad everyone liked it.  And, once again, I had a lovely evening in Armley. 🙂 x


Thank you to the lovely new attendees of High Spirits who came along for a sing this evening – you sounded great!  Thanks too to Mr Lily for a lovely dinner in a lovely restaurant – definitely need to go there again, as the food was delicious!  (Giorgio’s, in Headingley). x


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