My Year of reConnection – Week Nine

Goodness, I’m late in publishing this one – nearly a whole weeks worth of letters more has past through the Royal Mail channels. Oops..

This postcard I have had many-a year.  It went to the wonderful Wandapops as she is always in The Zone. 🙂


My lovely friend Jules recently went to India (so jealous!) and brought me back some beautiful writing paper and envelopes.  They were almost too pretty to write on, but I thought I’d best.  The envelope seals in a non-secure way, so I popped a Juicy Lucy sticker on there too, just to be safe.


This card has googley eyes!! I like it a lot.  It went to someone I haven’t seen in a very long time to congratulate him, on the eve of his Wedding.


I think saying thank you is invaluable, and the way to live a better life.  I also hold my Nanna in the same esteem.


Juicy Lucy cards often say exactly my sentiments.  And they have fairies on them too.  Ace.


Birthday card, sent just in time (I hope) to my Uncle.  It made me giggle because it’s true..


I was introduced to the ‘Keep Calm Gallery’ this week – they have some beautiful things.  I bought their collection of 18 postcards.  What you can’t appreciate from the photo is the beautiful feel of this card – it is of wonderful quality.


Hope you all receive some exciting post this week, and not too many bills.  Please do give me your addresses if you haven’t already!

Tessa x


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