My Year of reConnection – Week Ten

Week 10!  That means I’m pretty much 20% of the year done!  And with  an impending price-rise of stamps, I’m glad I bought all mine when I did, otherwise this would be even more expensive to keep going!  It’s worth it though – particularly when a few days later I get a tweet, or a FB message, or text/call to say thanks.  🙂

I bought this card with a particular someone in mind, and have stopped myself sending it many times so as to wait for her birthday.  Success.


I was feeling a bit rubbish today, so I sent a cuddle to my lovely friend LT.  (Later in the week she told me she now uses this as a bookmark in her Uni book to make her smile. 🙂 )


I have not made it into one of my favourite independent Leeds eateries in a while..  I send Jo and Stu a little card to make sure they know I haven’t forgotten about them.  🙂


One of the youngest recipients of SmithMail, this little hello went to the very-nearly-one-year-old Jonah, whose wonderful parents I haven’t seen in ages, but who I love very much.


This postcard makes me giggle.  I like to think I’ll have this much fun if I’m lucky enough to reach that age!


Another card bought with a specific person in mind – I hope she liked it!


Spring has sprung this week, and I thought this card (from many years ago..) captured the sunshine and happy feelings well.. 🙂


Keep in touch, and have a lovely week.

Tessa x


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