My Year of reConnection – Week Eleven

This week has been a difficult one, in that I lost my speaking voice!  Luckily for this little project, I could still natter away on the page though!

On Saturday night, I went to a wonderful house party where there was blues dancing and live music and much fun to be had.  There were also hotdogs and chilli – those guys know how to host!  So today (Sunday) I sent the boys a little thank you postcard.   (I am informed it is now up on their fridge!)  🙂


Today, after many months of waiting, I picked up the finished Demo CDs for Solaris.  It has been my intention since beginning this year, to send copies to the lovely ladies who recorded it with me.  This one went to the lovely Sky.


This one went to the very talented Ruby, who is currently on tour with Submotion Orchestra, so it’ll be a little while until she gets to listen.. 🙂  Both the cards I sent to Sky and Ruby were from dotcomgiftshop.  I love them both – so pretty!


This cute card was bought from a shop in Hexham called ‘Pinfold’.  I used to work there, and the boss/owner is just fantastic!  This card (and CD) went to the wonderful Jenny Smith – Solaris member!


Taking a break from CD-sending, this lovely card – which gives some great advice for keeping happy – was sent to the fabulous Claire Beecroft.  She’s a massively inspirational woman, and I wanted her to know how highly I think of her – she’s got some exciting things coming up in the future!


Today’s Solaris rehearsal was cancelled (just as well, seeing I still don’t have a proper voice back!) so the final CD gets posted instead of hand-delivered.  This one to Helen. 🙂  I’ve had those post-its for years, they still make me giggle.


St Patrick’s Day, and a safety-conscious postcard to friend Gloria to thank her for her help in recent ventures, not least High Spirits Choir.  I like this card!


And so another week of posting, done!  Keep in touch!

Tessa x


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