Dear Mr Elling – a poem

I thought I’d best start taking steps and publishing poems, as I said I would in a previous blog entry.  This is something I started a couple of years back, and then forgot about.. I found it the other day and did a little bit of tweaking..

The ‘reference material’ used for this was on Kurt Elling’s website. (Click HERE to read it.)

It’s an interesting read, and I do appreciate the irony that he writes:

“If one is truly an artist, all questions answer themselves through hard work over time and you might never need to ask for a teacher”.

and I write this:

Dear Mr Elling 

Dear Mr Elling,

I read what you wrote, and it spoke to me on a personal note;

I am that ‘aspiring’ you address in your prose,

The person from whom all the questions are posed.


Dear Mr Elling,

I am what you say  – I sing all the time, watch instrumentalists play,

I’ve joined a good choir, sing all rep’ that I can,

My eyes and ears open, on and off the stand.


I need to become the best I can be,

Mr Elling, I assure you, it’s the music that draws me

Not lure of celebrity, idea of fame;

I know that this business is no easy game.


Dear Mr Elling,

I live for the song.  It’s my inspiration, this is where I belong,

Dear Mr Elling,

What do I do next?  Where’s my next move?  What’s the next test?

Dear Mr Elling,

I’m ready and willing, just give me a push for I’m here and I’m singing.


I know it’s a struggle to achieve what you’ve done,

–       To have crossed the finish line, to have already won.

But Mr Elling I’m here, and I’m willing to race

And I know that you’re busy, but I thought I’d write, just in case.

 Copyright Tessa Smith.


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