My Year of reConnection – Week Twelve

I have taken to posting these blogs a week late to give the postman chance to deliver my letters before I do online..  He takes his sweet time though – I happen to know at least one of them hasn’t arrived yet!  And with the news this week that stamps will increase to 50p/60p shortly, I am grateful that Past Tessa bought in bulk at the beginning of the year!

First card of this week was hand delivered – 120 mile from Leeds to home to see my Mum for Mothers Day.  I made this one using one of a few paper flowers I bought when in Thailand (visiting my little bro) and think the card turned out quite pretty! 🙂


Being home for not-very-long, I wasn’t able to see some people I had wanted to.  So, I sent my friend Lani a letter to apologise, and see how she’s doing. 🙂


Someone I did get to see was my Aunty.  She’s a farmer and at the moment it’s lambing season, so I got to visit all the cute baby sheep!


This one is the one that hasn’t arrived yet… Posted on the 21st, it’s now been 10 days.. I’m hoping I addressed it correctly.. It went to a friend in Wales.


My friend Vicky set up a company called ‘Crumb’ who post out cake and tea and exciting things to you so you can have a tea party at home!  Cake and post – what’s not to love!!  I got one for my birthday and have been very restrained, waiting for the right time to indulge with friends.  I then sent a homemade thank you. 🙂


My friend and his girlfriend moved house this week, so I made them a house-warming card.  Lots of handmade things this week!


And finally, a postcard to a friend in Leeds.  I know this one arrived! Hooray!


I know that the rising cost of stamps will further ruin the lost art of letter-writing, but please don’t let it kill the post entirely – send a letter to someone you haven’t seen recently.  It’ll make them smile!

Keep in touch.

Tessa x


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