Teapots, twirls, singing, dancing, and vinyl cake-stands!

I’ve had a wonderful and diverse week this week..

On Monday, I met up with Jules to do some planning for our first ‘Teapots and Twirls’ dance.  It was beautifully sunny too, so after we’d popped to Interplay so Jules could see the space and we could visit Lee and Jamie in their lovely studio we sat out in the garden to drink tea and carry on planning.

You can click our lovely logo for event details!

Later on, I went to the lovely Mannion household where I was treated to dinner, furthered the tea dance plans and got the crafting bug – as seen later in the week!

On Tuesday, I rehearsed my 2 choirs in Bradford and then (with a little stop for lunch on a bench looking out over Pool-in-Wharfedale) taught in Harrogate where an absent pupil meant I did a bit of much needed piano practise.

Wednesday was great fun.  Jenny, Daisy and I had a bit of a singsong in the morning, testing our ears and chromatics by tackling some Andrews Sisters vocal arrangements.  Then I did a little Charity Shop sweep and found the people in Oxfam Music in Headingley to be just WONDERFUL.  I came home with a box of ruined records for me to play with, and I made a couple of bowls!

Then I popped up the A1 to sing at The Crab and Lobster, where I had a great time singing Standards with Andy and Marc and chatting to the staff and diners – I even sold a CD.  🙂

Thursday was a crazy day, having been asked the night before whether I could do a gig in Bradford for ‘How Do’ magazine – a great independent production focusing on the cultural goings-on in Bradford.  That meant that I taught all day, directed my Prep Choir in the School Concert in the early evening ( – they sounded amazing!  So did my soloist!  I was so proud!) and then went straight to the soundcheck to meet Gav and have a play.

We had a great time!  Everyone there was lovely, and I filmed the whole thing, so hopefully will be posting a few videos on Youtube over the Easter Holidays.

On Friday, I found time to do further crafting/vinyl-melting and (as seen at Georgie’s house on Monday) made some cake stands!

.. I think I’m going to have to go to a craft fayre soon.  Or at least eat a lot more cake! 🙂

I also had the lovely Solaris round for a rehearsal, before Friday night became an enjoyable haze of live music, dancing, drinking and good company.

Yesterday, I managed to drag myself out to Sela Bar for an orange juice, a sticky toffee pudding, and to listen to David Broad and Johnny Hick play some music.  Johnny Cash was there too (in the form of Pete Carlill!)

They were great, I was suffering somewhat!

And today, I’m going to do some dancing in Hull!  Fabulous week all round!

Smiley Tessa x


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