My Year of reConnection – Week Thirteen

Week 13.. But not too unlucky, I hope!   I’m carrying on with my posting regardless..! 🙂

I got this postcard (and a couple of others) a little while ago.  It’s actually a flyer for the Marvellous Tea Dance Company.  They’ve just opened a cafe in Birds Yard in the centre of Leeds.  I’m very much looking forward to visiting and eating some of their lovely cakes!


I found something else that is wonderful about the foldy-letter/envelope-in-one thing – they’re big enough to use as a real envelope too!  This meant I got to re-send a card that got returned to me (postcode fail..) and a new letter all in one!


This one was hand delivered.  I like badges – they are fun.  And a birthday necessity.


I went on a fun trip around some charity shops today, on a ‘ruined vinyl’ mission.  I was successful! (See HERE )  It was partly thanks to Daryl for his suggestions, so I sent him a thank you. 🙂



I haven’t seen Ellie in a long while.  But I thought I’d send her a hello.. 🙂


Greedy Pig Stu is an April Fool.. Hopefully this homemade card made it in time..


Urgh. Enough said.


Hope you all have a great week.

Keep in touch.



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