2012 Gratitude – March


Today, I applied for an additional teaching job, and am grateful for the help, and offers of help, I have had whilst filling out the application – not least Mum and Sophie!  I am also grateful for the fun evening that followed, and included a Lindy Lesson at the Uni, drinks with some lovely folk in Town and 2 gigs; one at the Vic and TC and the Swing Cats at Sela.  What a great night! 🙂 x


Thanks must be made to Solaris today, for a productive rehearsal this morning, despite my state of tiredness!  And to Jon for his help with the demo artwork – I’m so excited to nearly have it all finished!  Thanks extend to Rixham for informing me that Ranj was in the building (and for a place to stay in preparation for crazy contact wear!), Ranj and Simon for lovely dances, Laura for a great (albeit brief) chat, and the boys and girls at Sam’s Chop House for a lovely evening. x


After a very strange night, wearing ‘Ortho K’ contact lenses, today I am grateful to my optician for being incredible patient and supportive at my 9am appointment.  It is very odd to remove the lenses and be able to see.. I’m not sure how I’ll cope with this change to my lifestyle, but we shall see…! x


Today, I went out for Al’s birthday drinks, then popped to listen to a lovely gig at Sandinista, where I was able to have a little dance, and then the lovely Martyn kindly gave me a lift home.  I am thankful to know such lovely people and places, that Leeds has so many exciting things to offer of a Sunday, and that Martyn and his wife also live in Armley! 🙂 x


I went for a walk today, around Eccup Reservoir.  It made me grateful that I live somewhere with such beautiful places not far, for the time to do such a thing, and for the other people who were walking too – they always say hello so cheerily.  I’m also thankful for the loan of a couple of Song-writing books from a friend, and an impromptu cup of peppermint tea. 🙂 x


I got a new pupil at school today – something to be thankful for, as not only is she lovely, but the extra work is always welcome.  Later on, I popped to El Bareto for a well-needed chat with Jen and we ended up joining the band for food and drinks, and being thoroughly looked after by the staff – thank you all! x


My choir, High Spirits, sounded wonderful this evening.  Which put me in a fantastic mood for my gig at ‘The Big Swing’ in Sheffield.  I am grateful for this, and for Georgiana and Tim for the drinks, Mike for the lift, and other Tim for the dances. x


I was tired this evening after a late night back from Sheffield and along day at School.  Truth be known, I didn’t want to go to my gig in Bingley.  But I am so grateful that I did, and thanks to Sam, Tom and Mark, as I had a truly wonderful time.  I love making music, and I’m very lucky to be able to do that! x


Thanks to Solaris for a great rehearsal this morning, to Shakey Jakes for a tasty milkshake this afternoon, and for Smithers for the company and giggles. 🙂 x


Another early opticians appointment meant a visit to Timoneys and breakfast with Rixham – something indeed to be grateful for, Timoney’s cake is amazing!  x


After a late night dancing and listening to music at a Blues house party last night, I have woken up with NO VOICE!  This has made me thankful for the voice that I usually have, the fact that the fun that I had last night wasn’t affected, and that the band I gigged with in Batley today were able to busk every song in a lower key than I had written! x


I picked up the Solaris demo CD today, and am again grateful to the wonderful HDC Media Group in Bradford for their brilliant service.  I’m also grateful for a lovely afternoon in the Studio with David, Lee and Jamie – it was lots of fun! x


Today, I baked brownies, popped to the studio, went to the theatre, and then to a jazz club for a bit of dancing.  It’s been a wonderful day to be thankful for. x


Thank you to the new faces at Choir (and the more familiar ones!) for contributing to a fun rehearsal! 🙂 x


Being off school with no speaking voice has today meant I got to cook a tasty lunch (which I also had for dinner!)  I am grateful for this, and to the fact I had lovely company for both meals. 🙂 x


Thank you to Maisie for her first singing lesson – I hope you enjoyed it too!  Thanks too to the North Leeds Big Band who played a Lindy Hop gig at Heart in Headingley, to all the Leads I had dances with, and to David for the little chat – it was appreciated. x


This evening was the University Swing Society’s Birthday party, and I had a wonderful time dancing with many people.  Thanks to everyone I lead and well as those I followed, especially Alex G – you are just fantastic! 🙂 x


I had a good drive home today, and made it in time for a meal with the family for Mothers Day.  I am lucky to have such a great family, and I am grateful that I do. 🙂 x


Family visits continued today, and childhood memories surfaced.  It makes me very grateful for the childhood I had, and the life I continue to lead. 🙂    This evening I headed back to Leeds for the Yorkshire Jazz awards.  Thanks to Nigel for the invite and Mike for the company (and challenging dance!) x


A trip to El Bareto tonight gave many reasons to say thank you – great company, food, wine, dancing, music – and a lift home.  Fantastic. x


A musical day has left me with many more reasons to be thankful.  Rehearsal with Jenny and Daisy for a new project was really inspiring and wonderful fun (with excuses to eat cake, if they were ever needed..)  Choir provided more fun and friendly faces, and my friends Polly has been invaluable in her help.  Thank you! x


As much as I may moan, getting up early is a good thing really, and leads to much more productivity in my day – for this I am grateful.  I would also like to thank the teacher who got me on the network at School, and John for his coaching this evening. x


This morning was another early morning.  I met a lovely gent at my interview – Aaron – and am grateful for the conversation.  I didn’t get the job, which I am also grateful for – Not only because Aaron deserved it, but because as I sat through the interview process it made me realise that I like the amount of non-teaching time I have at the moment. 🙂  Thanks too to Dad and Mum for talking it all through with me, and for Stu for making me a breakfast at The Greedy Pig, and Jen for listening to me talk! 🙂 x


A day of teaching today, which makes me grateful for not only the work but for the reminder that I am versatile in my teaching, with both a one-to-one with a 9 year old and a group workshop with adults! x


Thank yous today for the glorious sunshine; meaning a walk along the canal to town and outdoor drinks with wonderful Wendy, Elly and friends.  Gratitude also for the chance to catch up with Gary and Cato, have dinner at Reliance, listen to a gig at Sandinista and Louis Louis Louis at Sela, and to the lovely Ric for kindly giving me a lift home. 🙂 x


A day of excitement as the good weather continues and planning ‘Teapots and Twirls’ with Jules goes on.  Dinner with Georgie and Brendan wrapped up a day to be thankful for. 🙂 x


I am grateful for the little extra time I have between schools on a Tuesday.  Today, it meant I could stop and eat my lunch looking out over Pool-in-Wharfedale, and then have an ice cream in Harrogate!  I was also very thankful to have been able to get a white chocolate magnum – it was the last in the shop! 🙂 x


After a practise with Jenny and Daisy, I did some Charity shop-trawling, and found Oxfam in Headingley to be wonderful!  Many thanks to the Manager there, who provided me with lots of un-playable vinyl to have fun crafting with!  Thanks too to Andy and Marc for the gig at the Crab and Lobster, the friendly staff and the lovely customers who applauded (and one who bought a CD!) x


Today has been a long but satisfying day.  I am grateful that the School concert went well, and that my soloist and my choir sounded so great!  We even got people dancing in the last choir song!  Then a gig with Gav proved great fun – thanks to him and Andy for the sound and opportunity to play! 🙂 x


I am grateful that my days so often involve singing and dancing as their main-stays.  Today also included drinks and dining, which made me grateful for the people I met working in Hospitality and the fun times I had doing that! x


Today, I feel dreadful.  Therefore, I am being thankful for the fact that I don’t always feel like this, and that it was of my own choosing.  I look forward to not feeling like this later, and then I can be even more grateful.  I am also thankful that amid all the petrol chaos, I managed to find some fuel! x


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