My Year of reConnection – Week Fourteen

So, another 2 pieces of mail for another 7 days..

I know some wonderful and supportive people, here in Leeds and further afield.  I need them to know how great they are sometimes.. 🙂


It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday soon.  I’m pretty sure this didn’t make it on time..  but it’s the thought that counts, right!?


I spent my last 2 days in Hull with some lovely lovely folk.  They took me on a little ‘Home Tourist’ trip too – I saw the Old Town and the Marina and all the exciting sights. 🙂  I sent them a ‘heap of thanks’ when I got home for showing me such a good time. 


Have I mentioned before how much I love Juicy Lucy cards?  Because I do! They always say what I want them to say. 


There is an Easter tradition called ‘Egg Jarping’ that it seems not many people know about..  It’s originally from County Durham, and my family play every Easter Sunday.  The best way to describe it is: conkers, but with hard-boiled eggs.  It’s ace, and I don’t care how many people disagree!  Anyway, I was gigging in Leeds this Easter Sunday and so couldn’t be home to play.  I sent my family a card. 🙂


My very lucky cousin just got back from New York.   I am entirely jealousy-stricken, but trying to not show it too much..


Ever noticed how certain people seem to be the ones you moan at the most?  I realised I’d been doing so with my friend Jen a lot recently, so I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her listening. 


Hope you had a lovely ‘first week of Easter Holidays’.

Keep in touch,



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