My Year of reConnection – Week Fifteen

Ooo, yes – more post.  Woop!

Bought this beautiful (and glittering) postcard with someone specific in mind.  Today was the day to post it.


Spend the evening in Hull and had a lovely time catching up with Hull and Leeds folk.  Al was going down South for the week, so I thought I’d send something that would greet her upon her return.. 


I like this card, as I think it’s true. 🙂


I made this card.  It’s fun to finger-paint, even if you do end up with ink-stained fingers for a little while after..!


My very very wonderful friend Emma is home from the cruise ships for a few weeks.  I am very excited.


My very lovely friend Matt is a bit rubbish at keeping in touch.  I have had this card for years, but knew it was going to go to him.  I intend to send it many times over if he doesn’t take heed..


Saved a stamp as the birthday girl was staying with me this weekend! 🙂  More ink-stained fingers!


Keep in touch.

Tessa x


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