2012 Gratitude – April


Today, I am grateful for the fact that I am able to switch off my phone and give myself a break.  I am also thankful for the lovely people I know in Hull, and the ability to go and visit them on my Easter Holidays. 🙂 x


My visit to Hull continued today, with a sight-seeing tour of the City.  I am enamoured by the beautiful old buildings, and am happy to be able to see past the reputation a place has and view it for the beautiful place it is.  I am also massively thankful to Bruce and Jane for allowing me to teach at Kingston Swing this evening.  I have long wanted to try teaching Lindy Hop but have felt unable to broach the subject in Leeds, so I am even more grateful that I know such lovely folk in Hull. 🙂 x


Upon my return to Leeds, after giving a singing lesson, I popped in to visit a lovely couple in Armley.  A quick visit and chat turned into staying for dinner, and receiving a standard lamp and a gig!  What a lovely day.  Thank you! x


Thanks today to the folk who turned up to High Spirits – I was so pleased with the sound of the choir, and the fact my arrangement works! 🙂 x


Thanks to John for popping over for a cup of tea today, and looking over my lindy-charts. 🙂  Later, I had a gig in Bingley, where the band played brilliantly and I had a lot of fun.  I wish to thank the lady who bought my CD – I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 x


It’s Good Friday today, and that makes me think of my family and how grateful I am for them.  I am also grateful to John A for running through all the gig charts today and being such an accommodating drummer!  I am grateful too that the supermarket did not close early, therefore allowing me to buy food and spend the evening cooking and eating! 🙂 x


Thank you to Jenny for (once again) being the ears on the receiving end of my annoyance and ranting – I really appreciate it! x


I got to return to Lounge Bar and Grill today for an Easter Sunday gig.  It was so lovely to be back, and to see some dancers there too!  Thank you to those that came along, and to those who bought CDs!  A big thank you too to Gary for helping me book a mini-break to Paris, and to accompanying me to dinner at Giraffe.  And to the staff at Giraffe who put up with our wine-fulled sillyness (and encouraged it with a lovely Friend-of-Fender discount!) x


Today I am grateful that Bank Holiday parking is free, meaning I could leave my car in Leeds for as long as I liked after yesterday’s gig. 🙂  I am also grateful for my lovely evening in Hull, learning Lindy with the ever-talented Al at the ever-welcoming Kingston Swing night. x


Thanks today to Andy for being a fantastic partner to practise the crazy Lindy Cabaret routine with, Meester Bruce for his (and Jane’s) amazing hospitality, Mike for coming along to Armley Jazz with me, and the kind youtube-ers who’s response to my ‘The More I See You’ video was quite overwhelming! x


I had a great day today, teaching both my Choir and my student Maisie, and so that makes me grateful.  I also say a massive thank you to the very accommodating ‘Dress lady’ from whose website I have purchased my new gig dress – I am very grateful for your help in making sure it arrives in time for the weekend! x


Today I met the Marvellous Tea Dance Company Ladies and had some very tasty cake in Birds Yard.  I like meeting new, friendly people, and am grateful for the surpurb service I had both there and in Debenhams: all in all, a pleasant day in town! 🙂 x


Having been frequenting Sam’s Chop House on a friday evening for a while now, I am grateful to have played my first gig there this evening.  Thanks to Andy for playing and Sophie and Elly for popping along to support.   Thanks too to Karla and Murphy and Laura for the giggles and gossip at the dance, post-gig too. 🙂 x


Today I am very grateful that I have a car, otherwise my whole day of dancing-singing-dancing may have been a disaster!  Thank you too to the Band for playing brilliantly –  can’t believe how nervous I was!  For everyone I danced with (particularly The Strom – amazing!) to Bruce, Jane and Andy for being great Hostees, and to wine for making everything even better! 🙂 x


Thank you to all the people at FSOS who thanked me for my singing last night – it was really great to know you appreciated and enjoyed it!  Huge thanks too to Louis Louis Louis for a great set, for inviting me to sing with you guys, and for generally just being a lovely bunch of boys. 🙂 x


Today I am grateful to have a day off and recover from many hours of dancing over the weekend.  Hurray! x


Back to school, and therefore I am grateful for my Easter Holidays for providing me a little time away from the ‘routine’! 🙂 x


Thank you to Daisy and Jenny for another lovely rehearsal – this time with Fondant fancies and china cups and saucers.  Lovely 🙂  Thanks too to Gav at The Reform for providing High Spirits with a last minute rehearsal space after we realised Mojo was double booked! x


I am thankful that School has some wonderful choir music hidden in it’s music rooms – today I found a 2-part arrangement of ‘Joyful Joyful’ from Sister Act 2, which I taught to my last 2 pupils and put me in a great mood!  Thank you to Mr Colley for accompanying me to dinner and drinks in Chapel A, and for the lift home – I like being chauffeured! 🙂 x


After a few weeks away, I am grateful to return to Lindy Fridays for a Friday Night dance or two.  Thanks too to Sam’s Chop House for being a great pre-lindy hideout! 🙂 x


Thanks to Maisie for a fun singing lesson today – it’s nice to hear you improve from week to week!  Thanks too to awesome films of the 1930s/40s..  Tonight, I watched ‘Top Hat’ and spent the rest of the evening wishing I was Ginger Rogers.. 🙂 x


Having decided I want to be Ginger Rogers, today I am grateful for the Internet and the fact that it’s incredibly easy to find tutorials on how to do 1930s-style hair!  I just wish it was as easy to actually put it into practise! x


Today, I am thankful for the wonders of Twitter, and how it has allowed me to meet some wonderful folk.  I am also grateful to Louise for coming round so we can plan and scheme about how we can make Armley even more awesome.. 🙂 x


Thanks to my little Bro for a lovely text-chat this evening – it was nice to speak to you!  Thanks too to Ric for the company and reason to eat out on a Tuesday!  Also to Dock Street Market for being an ace bar, and Georgie for being fantastic. x


Busy day of singing and talking about dancing today.  Thanks to Jenny for providing lunch after rehearsal, Daryl for a lovely afternoon giggling at the Musicality DVD, The High Spirits Choir members for making me happy, and returning home to a Herman-Cake gift from Jane! x


Thank you to Smithers for accompanying me to Sela tonight to eat Pizza and watch Louis Louis Louis play.  I had a great night!  I also need to thank the band for letting me sing with them again (first performance in Sela – a little dream come true!) Nic for the wine, Mike and Theo for the awesome dances and to Laura for texting to inform me Ranj will be in Leeds tomorrow! 🙂 x


Cousin Nicola came to visit this evening.  Thanks to her, Lindy Fridays (and the Team Hull representatives), Champagne in Epernay and cousinly catching-up, for a great night. x


Thank you to the Greedy Pig for being THE BEST breakfast venue in Leeds.  Thank you too to dancing in York for free (Kingston Swing/Pure Lindy credited!) and singing in Bradford with Mike. Those things, along with lovely company, tasty cake, and free champagne, have made today ace! x


I had a gig in Batley this afternoon.  The band there are wonderful, and I am grateful that, with their help, I managed to win over the audience, gain the attention of the slightly scary Jazz Aficionado, and sell a CD! 🙂 x


Today I am grateful for texts that make me smile – they are nice to receive. 🙂   I am also grateful to the wonderful people who Lindy in Hull both for allowing me to teach their class, and for complimenting me on doing so – I’m glad you liked the class!  Extra thanks go to Mr Perez for teaching with me: I think we did wonderfully, considering we’ve only known each other for about 20 minutes! 🙂 x


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