My Year of reConnection – Week Seventeen

More card-making and post-box visiting!

So, I ended Week Sixteen with a card for one of my cousin’s children.  In order to stay fair, I made another couple for the other children to colour in. 🙂



I have a gig in Hull at the end of this week – that I am VERY excited about – so I sent some charts to the drummer who lives there, just so he can be well prepared.  I take extra special care over my Lindy dance gigs, because I want them to be super awesome for the dancers. 🙂


‘Leeds Time To Change’ is a wonderful charity organisation addressing the stigma attached to talking about mental illness.  They produced a few postcards made by Leeds people, of which this is one: “I love my mind because it’s unlimited”.


I enjoyed making the cards at the beginning of the week so much, that I made another one for a giraffe-loving little girl I know.. 🙂


Then I made another.  This is Georgie.  I think it’s pretty accurate..


I saw this card a while ago and knew it would come in perfect for a situation yet to arise.  Such a situation presented itself and so it went to good use.


Keep in touch!



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