My Year of reConnection – Week Sixteen

Goodness, I’m a bit late with blogging all these things!  But I have been visiting the postbox still..!

I made a thankyou card for the lady/company who sold me my BEAUTIFUL new ‘Lindy-Hop Gig’ dress, as she was mega helpful in getting it posted in time, and I was very pleased with it.  🙂  Her company is ‘Rockabilly Pin Up’ but I’d recommend not visiting unless you’re ready to part with cash – there are some VERY pretty things.


As so often goes after a weekend of dancing, today was a lazy day of not doing much.  Apart from writing a card to my cousin, of course!


Having seen some lovely folk at the weekend’s dancing, I decided to write to one of them as it was all too brief.  Hendricks tried to help..!  I love this writing paper.. 


I bought this card from ‘Birds Yard‘ in Leeds as it made me giggle.  It’s a guide on ‘How to make friends with boys’.   I fluctuate between whether this is a good idea or not, but it’s handy to have I’m sure.. 


A postcard with Morecambe and Wise.  I thought my parents would appreciate this one..


I bought this writing paper with only one person in mind.  But I have 10 papers and envelopes, so  imagine she’ll be getting a few letters this year!  This (and the balloon paper above) are from dotcomgiftshop.


Hand made card for my cousin’s little girl.  I made 2 more for his other children (posted in Week 17) and asked inside whether they’d like to colour them in for me. 🙂


Well, that’s it for this week.

Keep in touch.



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