My @PeopleofLeeds Week

If you haven’t yet heard of ‘Rotation Curation’ then you’re probably not familiar with Twitter..  Or at least, not the fantastic new use of it.

Inspired by the @Sweden account, many countries and cities have started their own Twitter accounts, handing the reigns over to a new resident each week, so the world may get a little incite into that person’s life and location.

The wonderful Kirsty is behind the ‘@PeopleofLeeds‘ and back in January I found out about it and thought it sounded ACE.  So, I have been waiting patiently for my turn – watching the account with excitement, and a little worry when every curator has been so great that to follow them is rather daunting!

My week started the Monday after I returned from Paris.  Here is my account:


The day started mega early (for me, at least!) at 6am, as I was being interviewed on BBC Radio Newcastle at around 7:30.  It was about how to get Children from the North East more into Classical Music and performance, and I was there as someone who ‘took the jazz route’.  My time on the radio last all but 2 minutes, but it was still exciting to be asked!

Later that day, I had a photo shoot with my new group – The Honeybirds – so I got to tweet photos during that, which was fun!  And then we popped off to Morley (in South Leeds) to watch a big band play.  There was dancing, and Georgie, and victory rolls!  Wonderful stuff!

It was an interesting feeling being the Leeds Curator..  I felt an obligation to keep people informed throughout the day of the places I was visiting – not only so they got to know me and my life, but so they could get a feel for what’s on offer in Leeds from my point of view..

I also introduced the Twitter world to Hendricks, who posed for them beautifully.


On a Tuesday, I work in Bradford and Harrogate.  Aware that neither of those are Leeds, I tweeted that Bradford is like Leeds’ little brother, whereas Harrogate is like a slightly posh Auntie.   This then begun the #yorkshirefamily tweets, which I enjoyed reading IMMENSELY.

I think one of my favourites had to be from @robwarm1:

@PeopleofLeeds “do you remember that time cousin Batley…” “GO TO YOUR ROOM! WE DON’T MENTION THAT NAME IN THIS HOUSE! #yorkshirefamily

After I’d finished working in Harrogate, I had a gig in Chapel Allerton (North Leeds) with my guitarist Gavin.  The gig was live streamed, and a couple of Tweeters watched it!  The venue is ElBareto and the food is DELICIOUS!  The red wine flowed, and I went home happy. 🙂


Wednesday started with a rehearsal with the Honeybirds.  There were quite a few this week, as we had our first gig on Saturday!   The rehearsal was in Armley (West Leeds) which is where I live.

Later, I headed into the centre of town to meet Jules so we could go through some plans for Saturday 26th, which is our first TEAPOTS and TWIRLS TeaDance!   There followed a little tweeting about that, as well as a picture of the brownies Jules had made!

It was then time for HIGH SPIRITS – the choir I run at Mojo.  There were tweeters in the room too, so a photo of me and my cat-top got shared as I was leading the warm-up!  After a mini hair-tutorial (still can’t do my own victory rolls!) from Georgie and Gloria I headed home and did a bit of work.

I asked the account followers what their view was at that moment, as I stared at my computer screen, and got a few views back.  One from ‘PeopleofUK‘ (my friend Steph!) inspired a new hashtag – #spotthecat – which kept me amused for a while as people sent pictures of their hiding cats.  Unfortunately, Hendricks was out at this point, so we couldn’t join in..


Halfway through my week – couldn’t believe it!  I was having so much fun!   I refered to myself (tongue in cheek, of course) as ‘The Queen of Twitter’ which inspired my favourite hashtag of the week: #allhailqueentessa. Yes!

I was working in Bradford again, using up my data as they have poor internet reception in my school!  It was an all-singing day, as I taught in Armley when I got back, and then headed for another rehearsal with The Honeybirds!  Not before a tasty dinner from Daisy and Martyn though!

The rehearsal ran longer than I had thought it might, so rather than take everyone to Hifi Club for exciting dancing and live-music fun, I headed home and slept!  Rock and roll!


Friday was another busy day as I wanted to get into the centre and take Twitter to some of my favourite places.

First though, I had a rehearsal in Bramley (West Leeds) with my a cappella group Solaris as we had a gig to prepare for the coming Monday.  Then I met up with Jules and Tom at the venue of Teapots and Twirls (Interplay) for a quick check of a couple of things, and then we made our way to town.

I took Twitter to Kirkgate Market, where I got my shoes re-heeled inexpensively and expertly.

I took Twitter to The Greedy Pig, where I had a DELICIOUS squeaky cheese (halloumi) sandwich.

I took Twitter to Epernay, where we met up with the Person of the UK for some bubbles.

I took Twitter to Sam’s Chop House, where we heard Leeds City Stompers play (who will be playing at Teapots and Twirls, I might add..!)

Then I took Twitter to Lindy Fridays where we did some dancing!

What a great day out in Leeds! – All (most of) my favourites!


Saturday was the first gig of The Honeybirds in Haworth (outside Bradford).  It was their annual ‘1940s weekend’ where the whole village gets transported back in time.  People dress up, dance, and generally have a wonderful time.  Given that there wasn’t internet in the 1940s (nor is there much in Haworth!) my timeline was pretty quiet..

It went really well though, and upon my return to Leeds, the @PeopleofLeeds account passed 2000 followers!  I was so happy.


I was very lucky in my week of PoL, as it so happened that Kirsty had organised a party for all those taking part in the Project at the end of my week!  Brilliant!

I headed to Dock Street Market feeling rather special, as the current Queen of Twitter  Person of Leeds.  After a teapot cocktail and a few too many slices of cake, a few of us headed up to Briggate for Overworlds and Underworlds.

Honestly, I didn’t really know what it was until I’d spoken to my cousing Tori.  And even then, I wasn’t sure..  The hashtag had been battered around Twitter all weekend though, and I felt it was my duty to investigate.


Probably one of the best things I have ever done/seen in Leeds – and I’ve done and seen some pretty awesome stuff.

It started off in the County Arcade, where up in the balconies, a children’s choir (split across 4 balconies) sang beautiful, etherial music as we below enjoyed the acoustics of the beautiful space.

As soon at they finished, a brass band appeared at the top of the arcade and, not dis-similar to the Pied Piper of Hamlin, played up the Queens Arcade and along the shopping streets of Leeds with a large group of happy followers skipping behind them.

As we were led back to Briggate, a second brass band (or rather the other half) could be heard in the distance.  The 2 halves of the band marched towards each other, crossed and carried on to the end of the street where they turned and returned to the middle of Briggate once more.  Then, seemingly from nowhere, about 40 young dancers appeared and performed, to the music of the band, a brilliant choreography before disappearing back into the crowd.

A group of tweed-dressed bell-ringers emerged and we followed them to outside WHSmith, where the Brass Band played another tune for us.  By this point my face was aching from the permanent grin!

We followed the bell-ringers and Brass Band down to the Dark Arches – descending into the underworld.  At the end of our procession, the brass band played a beautiful piece of lush harmonies that was really quite moving.  The second they stopped, a church bell chimed, and we were able to explore the installations in the dark arches – films, dance pieces, art.  It was magical.

Most incredible and beautiful was the last arch, I think.  Where they had projected an image of the County Arcade onto the arches and the songs of the choir echoed around amid the rushing water.  It was very clever, and a stunning way of joining the 2 worlds together.

Out on the Wharf there was music and fire-eating and inside huge amounts of people were enjoying the experience – I think it’s safe to say it was a surreal success!

After meeting up with other People Of Leeds, I headed up to Epernay and passed some of the ‘light boxes’ that Leeds had painted in a previous art project.  It made me smile to be in a City that is large enough to do these things, but also small enough to be able to pull them off – if you get what I mean…

I headed home in time to sign out of the People of Leeds account (very emotional..!) and hand it over to ‘Nadine of Leeds’.

I honestly had the BEST week, and would do it again in an instant!


(#AllHailQueenTessa) 😉


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