My Year of reConnection – Week Eighteen

Aaah, posting stuff.  Still doing it, still enjoying it. Still being crap about blogging it.

I wrote to my Nanna, because she’s ace.  Had these William Morris print cards for more years than I care to remember..


Morcambe and Wise postcard for my cuz.  She came to visit, and it was nice. 🙂 


I taught a Lindy Hop lesson with a lovely gent called Mr Perez, on Monday.  He’s from California, and is staying in Hull for a week or two.  I wrote to say thanks (and got pink ink all over my fingers..)


More thank yous, less pink ink. 


Birthday card along the same lines.  I like finger painting..


This lovely postcard went to Jules.  It’s nearing our Teapots and Twirls event, and I thought she might appreciate it!


I’m at a Lindy Hop weekender in Hull.  I needed a card to send and found one of the venue we’re learning in! 🙂


Keep in touch!

Tessa x


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