My Year of reConnection – Week Nineteen

So, the posting continues.  As does the lateness in blogging about it..

Still in Hull at the awesome Hullzapoppin’ event.  This card of the venue went as a thank you to the organisers. 🙂


Lindy-hoppers, as a general rule, are pretty lovely.  The ones in Hull most definitely are.  This card was a little thank you to my hosts at the weekend..


I think these folding paper/envelopes are wonderful.  They’re a good size for filling someone in with a bit of gossip.. 🙂 


..More gossip to be shared! 😉


I’m at school, and sending a Latin moto to my friend Lizzie.  I’m seizing the day also, by going to PARIS tomorrow!


So, I’m in France.. and the first card I send must be to the person who helped me make the decision to go.  🙂


Second day in Paris, and a postcard to my parents written by the side of the Seine.  So pretty! 🙂

That’s it for this week.  Hull, Leeds, Bradford and Paris – I’m such a jet-setter! 😉


Keep in touch,


Tessa x


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