My Year of reConnection – Week Twenty-One

Letters! Cards! Postcards! Awesomeness.

If you weren’t aware, at the beginning of the year, I set myself the challenge of writing and posting something every day – to reconnect with people, to improve my relationship with Royal Mail, and mostly because I LOVE getting post, and so figure other people will enjoy receiving it too. 🙂

Last week was my PEOPLE OF LEEDS week.  It ended today and was mega fun.  I saw the wonderful Wandapops today, so thought I’d send her a note to say how nice it was to have seen her.  


My friend Lizzie has exams at the moment (as do many Uni folk..)  Thought this might be a good motto.


Bought these little notecards from dotcomgiftshop.  I think they’re rather cute.


This lovely card went, with a Solaris CD, to the fabulous and talented Tony Kofi.  He’s our number 1 fan, don’t you know! 😉


Heard some awful news today.  My friend’s cat got knocked over.  😦


It’s nearly Teapots and Twirls time.  My friend Cato has been invaluable with preparations for boozey teapot iced-tea!


Teapots and Twirls was today.  It was ace. Although I’m sure Jules knows this, I thought I’d reiterate..! 🙂


Keep in touch!

Tessa x


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