My Year of reConnection – Week Twenty

More post!  Yey for post!

Still in Paris – last day.  My pen exploded just as I was writing this, so it all got a bit messy.  I thought I’d best write to thank Smithers for feeding the cat though. 🙂


Back in the UK, but I bought some ace postcards when I was away, so thought I’d send a couple more! 


This card is from Rose & Co. in Haworth.  I’m going there at the weekend with The Honeybirds.  We had a photoshoot on Monday, so I wrote to thank our photographer Martyn. 


Had this postcard for aaages.  No idea what it’s for/about, but I liked it.


Another Rose & Co. card, this time for one of the other Honeybirds.  It’s nearly our first ever gig together. Eek!


More French postcards.  This week is a postcard week, I think!


Postcards!  More postcards!  This one is of one of the Honeybirds, and I sent it from Haworth, where we did ou first gig.  It was a wonderful day – thought Mum and Dad would appreciate it..!


Keep in touch!

Tessa x


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