My Year of reConnection – Week Twenty-Three

I set myself a challenge for 2012 – post something every day. I am doing so, and finding out what difficulties and wonderful things come from it.


I’m still in London at the start of this week.  It’s not long now until I go dancing in California, and so I sent this to my soon-to-be host, David.  The image is from LindyShirts who make rather wonderful t-shirts for dancers. If you’re a Lindy Hopper, you should probably know what STFO stands for . 😉


My wonderful friend Emma lives on cruise ships most of the time. She’s home at the moment though, and it’s her birthday! I love this card – reminds me of being a kid.



Because I haven’t been blogging as well as I should, I don’t recall where some of these cards and things got sent to… I think this went to London though, to thank Lizzie for letting me stay whilst on a dancing weekend.


Homemade card, involving finger painting. They’re some of my favourites to make. 🙂


I think this is a rather cute design. I have a few of them in different colours.


As it’s half term, my sister and two cousins went on a little break to Harrogate.  My Mum was pretty jealous, so we sent her a postcard!


More family correspondence, this time to my Aunty Barbara.



Writing letters is fun, why not try it!

Keep in touch. x


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