My Year of reConnection – Week Twenty-Six

Half way through the year! I’m happy to say I still have plenty of stamps left, so that’s good!


Cheery postcard goes to my cousin’s wife. I never know whether to refer to her as my cousin too… Cousin-in-law, perhaps?


One of my singing pupils did really well in her school’s talent show, so I sent her a ‘well done!’


This went to my wonderful friend Georgie. Because she’s wonderful. And she likes gin.


My favourite Leeds cafe, The Greedy Pig, was the recipient of this one. It was to remind their customers to be healthy. 😉  I like it that on their wall they have 2 postcards from me. 


Wrote to my Nanna, because she’s ace.


Friends of mine just announced their family will be growing in January, I was so excited I had to write and say so!


These postcards from the ‘Keep Calm Gallery’ really are lovely.



Keep in touch! x


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