My Year of reConnection – Week Twenty-Seven

It’s the week before I go to California, where I’ll get to send letters and postcards from a whole different continent! Hurray!


I have played quite a number of gigs with Mr Andy Cholerton recently, and they’re always very enjoyable. I wanted him to know that. 🙂


Even more exciting than CA, I went to Hull this week! I love Hull. We went to The Deep to look at the fishes, and I had never been there before! Bruce and Jane kindly provided a bed to stay in, so I sent them a postcard! 


I also sent a postcard to the person who came with me to The Deep, as I know he loved it just as much (possibly more) than I did.


And one more Hull postcard to David in CA, to be excited and scared that I’ll be there in a week! (I met David in Hull, as he lived here for a year, so he understands the love that many don’t!)


I love these silly fruit/veg cards. They make me giggle.


A colleague and his wife invited me round for lunch today, so I sent a thank you note. 


And finally this week, I wrote to my Aunty Barbara, (strangely with the same card!) as I popped up home to see the family before jetting off…



Keep in touch! x


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