NYC Alternatives, Day 4: More Edinburgh!

This week, I was supposed to be having my dream trip to New York. I have been wanting to go for the past 6 years, and finally had the courage to go alone, so I booked my flights, sorted a sublet and got EXTREMELY excited.

Then a hurricane hit, and so my trip got cancelled. Sad Smith.

I hope it goes without saying that my thoughts are with all those affected on the East Coast, and I wish them a speedy recovery. This, however, is what I’m doing to keep myself busy and not too sad about the whole affair.


Original Plan:

I reckon by today I would have been ready to venture away from Manhattan and explore further afield. (Although I also imagine you could spend weeks on end in Manhattan and never get bored!) One of my intentions of this week was to ride the A Train (I’m a jazz geek, what can I say?!) so perhaps I would have headed to Brooklyn or Queens… Or, possibly more likely, I’d have made it to Brooklyn and hopped to a different line and visited Coney Island. It’d have been a long but exciting day out!

On the subject of trains, I would have definitely made time to visit The High Line park, which I learned about from Twitter the other day.

How ace is this?

Alternative Action:

Still in Edinburgh, I woke up feeling happy, hungry and eager to go back to the pretty dress shop and spend too much money on the clothes I put aside yesterday!

The lovely Paula made me a ‘proper scottish breakfast’ (a fry up!) to prepare me for my mini adventure up Arthur’s Seat, which is pretty close to her flat. It was very windy, and a bit rainy when I was eating my breakfast, so we hadn’t planned to go too far. However, by the time we set off, the skies were blue and the sun was out, and even though it was rather fresh, I had a lovely new coat to keep me warm!

We made it to the top, amid discussions of life, the universe and everything.


Paula’s knowledge of Edinburgh (and Scotland) is quite impressive, and so at the top she pointed out all the points of interest we could see.

On the trip back down, we had a fascinating conversation about Scottish independence too.

Once back at the house, I packed my belongings and Claire and I headed into town.


I was heading to a beautiful Vegetarian restaurant called ‘David Bann’ for my late lunch. The great thing about David Bann’s is that, unlike many vegetarian places, it’s a full restaurant experience – great service, amazing food, lovely wine list. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wholesome, ‘friendly cafe’ approach a lot of veggie places take, where you eat ‘one pot’ dishes on tables with people you don’t know, but David Bann shows us that vegetarian food can be just as special/upmarket as the rest.

On my way, I popped into the Fruitmarket Gallery’s gift shop where, having only been introduced to his work 2 days ago, I spotted some David Shrigley postcards and bought a couple of bits and pieces. In fact, I’m seeing his stuff around a lot – funny when that happens, isn’t it!

Anyway, then I had my lovely lunch. The only weird thing about it was the restaurant had no music playing. I asked the waitress who said Bann doesn’t like music playing in his venue. I thought that was a shame, as it would have really made an atmosphere that was otherwise lacking (it was very quiet when I was there). Apart from that, everything was lovely though!

Then I headed back to Cockburn Street to pick up my new clothes (hurray!) and met up with Claire to say goodbye.

3 hours on a train later, and I’m back in Leeds with my cat Hendricks and looking forward to my weekend adventures!


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