NYC Alternatives, Days 5 and 6: Loughborough, Suga-bombing and Red Rhythm

This week, I was supposed to be having my dream trip to New York. I have been wanting to go for the past 6 years, and finally had the courage to go alone, so I booked my flights, sorted a sublet and got EXTREMELY excited.

Then a hurricane hit, and so my trip got cancelled. Sad Smith.

I hope it goes without saying that my thoughts are with all those affected on the East Coast, and I wish them a speedy recovery. This, however, is what I’m doing to keep myself busy and not too sad about the whole affair.


Original Plan:

This would have been my first and only weekend in New York, so I intended to the make the most of it. Through sheer luck, this Saturday saw the birthday dance celebrations of a Mr Chazz Young in Manhattan. To anyone who knows about the origins of Lindy Hop, the possibility of dancing at the 80th birthday of Frankie Manning’s son would be as exciting as it was for me! There were also workshops/lessons happening around this too, and I also hoped to have visited a Jazz club or two, possibly with some newly-found dancing friends. 🙂

Alternative Action:

Having got back from Edinburgh on Friday night, I allowed myself a lie-in on Saturday morning, before packing my bags again and heading to Loughborough to see my friend Chloe. She’s recently moved in to a (very grown up!) house, and so I’m really happy I got to finally see it! We had a long catchup, exchanged gossip, and headed into town for dinner. It was lovely. 🙂

Loughborough is about 1 hour 30 minutes from Leeds, and then in the morning I continued down the A1 another 90 minutes or so to Hatfield, whether the fabulous Trisha Sewell was teaching a workshop just for followers. After an intensive 4 hours of trying to learn the technique required to be a dynamic dancer, as well as how to spin (much more practise needed!)


Then, after a quick detour to drop my stuff off, we headed to London town to do some dancing at one of Swing Patrol’s fortnightly social nights; Red Rhythm. Well, I thought “what’s the next best thing to dancing in New York..?’ – dancing in London, clearly!

After a lovely dinner, we danced the evening away before heading back to Hertfordshire. The people at Red Rhythm were lovely, and I had some great dances, despite feeling a bit rusty (it feels like ages since I last really danced!) and also slightly scared by the vast number of people! I’ve danced once before in London, but think I knew a few more folk on the dance floor so it didn’t seem quite so intimidating..! I guess I’m just going to have to keep going so it becomes increasingly easier!

And so my exciting and busy week of alternatives is drawing to a close…


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