My Year of reConnection – Week Twenty-Nine

Goodness me – I’m still behind on these blogs. BUT I’m nearly caught up, I promise!

So, the beginning of this week finds me in Sunny California, which is rather exciting!


Today, we went to Orange and visited an old school (and famous) ‘Drug Store’ which was cool. It was called ‘Watson’ as are my cousins, so it seemed only right to send them a postcard of it. 


HOLLYWOOD! Yes, today I wrote to my parents about being in Hollywood, where I walked the stars, bought a fabulous new dress and found a veggie restaurant. 🙂


I’m trying to buy a postcard from each place I visit daily…


… However it didn’t work on this day, as we didn’t go anywhere that sold them! (It’s OK though, as Disney is ace!)


Santa Clarita is the area in which I was staying. I never actually made it to this part, and this lovely view, but still! It’s the thought that counts (and the making people back at home jealous 😉  )


Honestly, I thought this postcard was pretty lame. That’s why I bought it – I thought my sister and brother-in-law might appreciate it’s rubbishness!


Back on UK soil, and absolutely shattered! I sent a thank you to my host, David, illustrating just how tired I was!



Keep in touch – it’s nice to tell people what you’re up to!



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