My Week of reConnection – Week Thirty-One

And so continues the posting (and belated blogging) of this year!


This week saw my first Lindy Fridays teaching experience. I wanted to make sure Georgie knew about it, as she’s often said she wants to learn Lindy. 🙂


I’ve had this beautiful card for a while. I like it. Almost as much as I like Chocolate (but not quite..!)


I’ve always spelled ‘yey’ like I would ‘hey’. I know some people write ‘yay’… What do you say? 😉


Homemade cards for birthday boys!


This card is from a lovely set of 4 that I bought in Thailand. I used it as a Wedding Anniversary card for my sister and her husband.


I think this card is so cute! It’s from dotcomgiftshop, which I have to stop myself from visiting often, as it’s too tempting!


This fantastic Geordie card went to Thailand to my brother’s housemate Trimble. Trimble is American, so I figured he might need some help understanding my brother when he’s had a bit to drink. 😉




Keep in touch! Everyone loves getting exciting post!



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