My Year of reConnection – Week Thirty

Another week, and 7 more pieces of post.


This rather clever (though I do say so myself…) card served 2 purposes: A ‘welcome to your new home’ and a ‘thanks for driving me to the airport’ in one for Jon!


I bought this postcard in Hollywood, and there was only one person it could go to. 🙂


I like these Geordie cards – they make me smile. Of course, they have to go to my Geordie friends otherwise it’s a complete waste!


I bought this in Haworth, and for some reason it reminded me of my friend Matt. Not because he’s camp though… Maybe because he’s in the military and likes drinking coffee.


A vintage-style postcard from America, and a message I could relate to. I’m often indecisive. I think.


A letter to Stacey from my lovely its paper-and-an-envelope-in-one pad!


These postcards from the ‘Keep Calm Gallery’ are just fantastic quality. They make me happy each time I pick them up. 🙂




Keep in touch!



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