My Year of reConnection – Week Thirty-Two

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a challenge to post something every day. Here I continue…


We went to visit Create for a lovely (free) brunch to celebrate their first birthday. It felt it only fitting to send them a birthday card/thank you!


I bought some teeeeny tiny notecards. Not knowing if they’d get through the post without getting lost, I did a test run. (It did arrive!)


I went to York this week (That’s where we posted Create’s birthday card from!). My Mum and Dad had their Honeymoon there, I think. I tend to always forget their wedding anniversary (It’s not like I was there!) so I think this arrived a bit late!


I have a feeling I’ve sent this design to the same person a few times… But it reminds me of them!


It’s a postcard! With Oranges on it! I think it’s quite jolly.


This weekend is Leeds Swing Exchange and they had POSTCARDS! Naturally, I had to buy a couple. This went to a lovely dancing lady in Hull. 🙂


And this one went allllll the way to California!



Post is nice to receive, and to send!

Keep in touch. 🙂



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