My Year of reConnection – Week Thirty-Three

Another week, another 7 trips to the post box to spread a little love!


When it’s my birthday, I enforce a strict diet of cake and Champagne. I, therefore, LOVE this card. It went to my beautiful friend Claire.


Of course, if you’re turning 2, perhaps Champagne is not the best Birthday beverage… My cousin’s little boy Dom is Bob the Builder mad, so I made him this card. Hopefully he will colour it in too. 🙂


Waldo Pancake cards are rather fun. (And addictive!)


Nixy is a friend of mine from High School. Though we used to play together when we were toddlers. Strangely, we didn’t find that out until we were in the same form in Sixth Form! 


Fun postcard to Cousin Tori. 🙂 


Another homemade card.


Even when I’m posting every day, I’m still rubbish at getting things to people on time! This one at least knew it was going to be late! I think it was for my Aunty, and I think the reason it as late was due to a horrible string of events involving broken down cars and consequent complicated gig-commutes!




Keep in touch!



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