My Year of reConnection – Week Thirty-Five

Continuing with posting, and August is pretty Birthday-heavy in my family so it makes deciding who to write to pretty easy!


I thought this Morecambe and Wise postcard was rather wonderful when I saw it. Random, perhaps. But wonderful nonetheless!  


Homemade pig card! 🙂


This Parisienne postcard went to my friend Mitt and his lovely lady Molly who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. He’s one of my favourite people, so I’m glad that he’s found someone so lovely. 🙂


I LOVED this card when I saw it. It went to my Aunty for her Birthday today.


Today is both my brother and my sister’s birthdays. They are 7 years apart. Given that I HAD to write 2 cards today, I ignored the 31st of August. The top one is for my brother, who has a long-running joke about Olives forever on his mind.


This second one was bought in California for my sister. I thought she might giggle at it.


And another homemade card finishes off this week!



Keep in touch!



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