My Year of reConnection – Week Thirty-Four

This year, I’m sending 366 pieces of mail! Here I continue…


In order to keep this card blank inside, I wrote my message on some paper. 🙂


Home made cat card. Mieow!


Another thank you letter to Hull, for my wonderful hosts.


This card went to the wonderful Trisha Sewell. Except I didn’t have her address, so I posted c/o a venue she teaches at. I’ve no idea if it made it (though I put a ‘return’ address on, and it didn’t come back) – that’s the risk you take with Snail Mail!


I bought some alphabet stamps – I can see I’m going to have a lot of fun with them!


Today’s ‘Person of Leeds’ twitterer was actually Delia the cat! I sent her a card to congratulate her.


It’s my cousin Tori’s birthday and I am going to see her today. When I picked this card, I thought it was amusing as her birthday is in sunny August. Actually, it’s raining quite heavily today! heehee



Keep in touch!



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