My Year of reConnection – Week Thirty-Seven

I’m writing to someone every day this year because it’s lovely to receive a letter or a card intended just for you.


The day before this, I wrote a self-piteous letter to my friend Georgie. I re-read it ad decided not to post it (the only thing I have not posted thus far this year). Instead, I made this today, and told her it was much better than the previous card!


This postcard went all the way to Australia! (I’m not sure if it ever arrived..!) Hopefully I’ll get to go there one day too. 🙂


Ahh, it’s so true! This went to birthday girl Alexis. 


Another September birthday. I’ve had this card for a while, waiting for the right recipient! That recipient was the rather fabulous Wandapops!


Another birthday card! This one is very sweet – the presents are raised off the card.


A card for the wonderful Smithers.


I LOVE these Gemma Correll cards. I bought a pack from Birds Yard in Leeds. I may need to buy some more…



Keep in touch!



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