My Year of reConnection – Week Thirty-Nine

My year of posting and reconnecting with people continues!


I’m in London! I thought my Nanna might want to know. 🙂


Back from the Big Smoke, and more teeny cards to be sent!


I thought I’d send a thank you card to my lovely London hosts – thanks to dancing, I’ve met some really lovely people. I thought they might appreciate the randomness of this one! Hopefully, if I’ve judged it right, it’ll go up on their fridge!


Not long now til a wedding of some friends of mine. I’m now going to have a guest over the weekend, so thought I’d inform them who my ‘+1’ will be!


Whilst in London, I met with my friend Miles, so I wrote to say how nice it was to catch up. He lived on the cutest-sounding street ever!



I don’t actually like coffee, but I believe the sentiment carries in spite of that…


Second Teapots and Twirls, and a card to Jules to express just how wonderful she, and the event, are/were!



Keep in touch!



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