My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-One

Well into my year of letter-posting, and almost caught up with the blogging!


I love these little cards from my music department. I think my musical friends have appreciated them too! 😉


I took a quick, partly spontaneous, trip to London this weekend. I found this card in Kings Cross station. 


Another Gemma Correll cat postcard. These are great! 🙂


Vintage postcard goes all the way to CA in the USA – I thought David would appreciate it. 


My best friend Matt told me about his engagement today. I’m so excited for he and his wife-to-be. Despite her absence, I wrote to them both at his house to tell them how happy I am for them! 


And naturally, I had to write and gossip about it to my friend Clo! 


My friend Georgie had a party today to celebrate being in Yorkshire for 10 years. I thought this Leeds postcard was quite a fitting card to celebrate!




Keep in touch – receiving handwritten post is always lovely!



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