My Year of reConnection – Week Forty

This year, I’m writing something everyday, and sending it to a friend, family, or someone I want to thank/say hi to! Because it’s nice to receive post!


This Mickey card is from California! Seeing as I sent the Minnie to my friend Smithers, I thought Mickey should go there too. This was a thank you for all the hard work she did for Teapots and Twirls 2!


More Teapots and Twirls thank yous. I love Juicy Lucy designs, and I think this is just adorable!


It’s the wonderful Ruby Wood (of Submotion fame)’s birthday! I though this card was rather fabulous, and therefor rather fitting!


These cat postcards are ace. 


The Visitor Centre at Leeds train station has some rather wonderful cards. This guy can be found at The Royal Armouries in Leeds.


This card was used as a birthday greeting for the talented Matt Bourne. It shows one of the Leeds shopping arcades and I think its rather beautiful.


Catching up with an old uni friend… 



Keep in touch!



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