My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-Two

This year, I’m sending a piece of post every day to reconnect with my friends and family, and because it’s nice to receive a handwritten letter – it means someone cares.


I like to say thank you. It’s a powerful thing to do. Last year, it’s pretty much all I did on this blog! (Check that out here)


Making cards is almost as fun as buying them, I think. Particularly when finger painting is involved!


These Gemma Correll cards are seriously wonderful. I’ve nearly run out, and that makes me sad (but glad I have these photos!)


I bought this card a while ago, intending it for one person in particular who works very hard and is often jealous that I don’t have a strict 9-6 type job. He had a day off at the end of this week, so I coordinated this to arrive in time to celebrate it with him!


I had a gig this evening, and my Saxophone/Clarinet playing friend was particularly impressive on the Clarinet. I thought I should commend his efforts.


My sister gave me this card (to send) and I thought my friend Alicia’s birthday was a good occasion to use it!


Cat-loving friend Steph married her lovely Daragh today. They got this as their wedding card. 🙂



Keep in touch – getting exciting post is brilliant!



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