My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-Four

So, the posting continues.  I was supposed to be posting from New York this week, but the little matter of a nasty hurricane left me with a week in the UK instead.


I received a lovely letter today. It was just like a pen-pal letter, and I was THRILLED. That feeling made me know that, even if I don’t hear from the people I write to, it’s worth doing this. It’s nice to know you’ve been thought of. 🙂 I wrote a reply on DINOSAUR paper.


If I’d have made it to NYC, I would have been subletting from someone on the Upper West side. I sent her a card saying thank you/sorry. I thought this picture of York was suitably ‘British’!


I wrote to my parents. I was still feeling pretty sad about being in the UK at this point…


Today, I went to Manchester on the suggestion of a friend on Twitter. So I thought I’d write and say thanks for the idea!


Off to Scotland today, and visiting a wonderful and inspirational friend. I wrote to our mutual friend in London to say hi!


More Edinburgh and my not-being-in-New-York mood was lightening a bit!


Back to Leeds briefly, before heading down South. I sent a thank you to my Edinburgh hosts!



Keep in touch!



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