My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-Three

This year, I’m sending letters! Letters, cards, and the occasional odd sock, because everyone loves getting exciting post. 🙂

. .

I know it’s not particularly modest to say this, but I think this little card I made is rather cute. 🙂


It’s my friend Chloe’s birthday!


I’ve had this postcard for a while now, looking for the right person to receive it.


This would make me smile from ear to ear if it arrived in the post for me. Even if the note was all smudged! Juicy Lucy designs are one of my absolute favourites. 


Georgie Boom is awesome. She should be told that often. I believe she now keeps this in her purse, so that she will always be remembered. That makes me happy, and is proof that this silly idea of mine to post something every day is a nice thing to do!


Possibly the most random thing I have sent this year… A singular (and clean!) sock made it’s way down to London and back to its rightful owner! 


Another handmade card to finish off this week. 🙂



Keep in touch – I like to hear from people. 🙂



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