My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-Five

My week of NYC Alternatives draws to an end, but the ‘Thank Yous’ that I want to give to those who have made the week a whole load of fun are still to be sent!


This photo doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the handmade card! I bought it a while ago in Harrogate, and it had some lovely fabric detailing on the flower. It went to Trisha of SavoyHop to say thanks for a wonderful workshop over the weekend!


Another savoy-hopper who deserved big thank yous, Mr Kibblewhite sorted out my new website and got this blog where it should be – at   🙂  I like this card because it’s true.


A rather girly card, but more expressions of gratitude. This time to my Evil Twin who is the reason I can run off and visit exciting places and not worry about Hendricks being left at home.


*NOTE. Having confused, I also sent a card on 6/11/12 to my friend Clo to say thanks for letting me stay. It looked a bit like this (I think!):

This card was an impulse purchase in Manchester for one specific person. Today, the US election results came in, so it seemed as good a time as any to send this off to him in CA!


The fantastic Georgiana is raising money for Movember, so she got this postcard!


My cousin is off on a mini-tour of the USA (no hurricane ruining her plans!) I though this card was rather perfect for her…


And this David Shrigley postcard went all the way to Thailand, for my little brother..!





Keep in touch – everyone loves getting letters!



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