My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-Six

My, this year is flying by!

And I’m still writing letters and posting cards, despite the trips to the post box getting chillier and chillier!


I wrote to my Aunty – I know she’s a fan of cards and writing paper too, and I think this is precious!


Yesterday, I went to Hull and had a wonderful time (as is common, when I visit Kingston Swing!) This postcard was bought earlier in the year, when I was in Paris.


The thing I like about getting a letter in the post, is that it shows someone was thinking of you. Even if they just wrote something short. 


This one got posted all the way to New York!  


And, in complete contrast, I hand delivered these flyers to a friend in Armley! (He’s in the band, and I’m very excited about this event!)


I’m in London for the next couple of days, and tonight I’m going to a 1920s-themed party with my friend LT. I like to think we looked as glamorous as these two..


A couple of weeks ago, I visited the David Shrigley Exhibit in Manchester and I bought some postcards. They’re all pretty weird (!) but luckily, I know a few people who will be amused by them!



Keep in touch!



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