My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-Seven

This year, I decided to write to people. Sending post is a lovely thing to do, I think – it shows people you care. 🙂


I was in London this weekend, and managed to catch up briefly with the gorgeous and talented Ruby Wood at the London Jazz Festival. I sent her this card of the gorgeous and talented Marilyn Monroe to say how lovely it was to see her.



Whilst I was away, the lovely Gav fixed my computer! He’s a star.



A friend of mine, Stacey, is leaving Hull to move to Gibraltar! I sent a ‘goodbye’ card.



The Honeybirds have a SHOP! This was our first sale – and to France, no less!



Cato sent me a postcard. It took 2 attempts and about 4 weeks to arrive! I thought I’d let me know it made it.



Exciting news demands exciting and cute cards! This one is from Thailand and was ever so delicate (and beautiful)




Keep in touch.



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