My Year of reConnection – Week Forty-Eight

This year, I’m using Royal Mail to reconnect with people. I love receiving post, and I don’t think I’m the only one!


I found this postcard/flyer in the bottom of a box. It’s from when I was applying for universities (a LONG time ago!) and was for Bretton Hall, where my cousin studied. Naturally, I sent it to her!



We had another Teapots and Twirls event today, and had a bit of help from the wonderful Lee, of Greenmount Studios. I wrote him a thank you card and a couple of days later I received a message from him saying that it had made his day. That’s why I have been doing this all year – to make folk smile. 🙂 



This homemade Christmassy card went to Interplay, our Teapots and Twirls venue, to say thanks.



This will not be the first time I get my dates muddled in the run up to Christmas (I’m very busy and easily confused!) I sent this on the 27th, and it went to Ellie, who provided some lovely button-based crafts at T&T.



My city centre choir, High Spirits, would not run at all smoothly (particularly recently!) without the help of 2 wonderful ladies: Sophie



… and Gloria.



More homemade cards, and this time featuring a Charlie the Unicorn sticker I sourced on the Internet (at Redbubble). I had a feeling this would be greatly celebrated when received, and I think it was. 🙂



I’m in London today, and singing at a friend’s wedding.





Keep in touch! Royal Mail is for life – not just for Christmas!



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