My Year of reConnection – Week Fifty-One

Only one week left until 2013, and I’m just about keeping up with the posting…


This went to the lovely Copping family. And there’s Hendricks in the back ground. Awww…



Georgie is Awesome. I hope you all know that..



This went to my little Bro in Thailand. I know it won’t have arrived in time, but nevermind! It’s an ‘Oxfam Unwrapped’ gift, which is what I’ve given everyone this Christmas!


Mum’s birthday is on the 21st. She likes to play golf.



Last Honeybird order of the year, and this arrived at it’s destination the following morning – say what you like about the Royal Mail, I think they’re pretty ace!



My friend Claire is wonderful, and so gets a ‘Happy New Year’ card (I was too late posting this to get it there in time for Christmas!)



This went to my friends at the Greedy Pig, who are now having a well-earned rest!




Don’t forget – the Royal Mail is for life, not just for Christmas!

Keep in touch.



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