My Year of reConnection – Week Fifty

Well, the year is drawing to a close – only 2 weeks left. I’m still posting away, writing to people and sending exciting bits of mail!


This went all the way to New York! I sent it on the morning of the 8th and by the time the day had finished, I’d forgotten I had and so sent something else on the 8th too! (I didn’t notice ’til the 10th though, hence I didn’t post on the 10th – got to save stamps!)




It’s time for the annual trip to Lincoln Christmas Market! It coincides with Matt’s birthday, and so I thought this Shrigley card was in order!




Homemade Christmas cards continue…




It’s the 12th of the 12th of the 12th! I’m at Ampleforth, visiting my friend John’s place of work, drinking mulled wine and talking to Monks. It’s all very exciting.




I bought this card about 9 months ago. It is FINALLY time to send it. Lizzie Thomas’s birthday is nearly here!




There’s a fabulous man (who I’ve never met) called Tim Keech. He’s been doing a lot of transcription work for the Honeybirds. I wanted to send him a CD and a huge thank you. 🙂




One more CD this week – to the wife of possibly our biggest fan! I guessed it’s a gift for him for Christmas! 🙂





Keep in touch!



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