My Year of Smiles – Week Four

Another week, and another set of events to smile about.


🙂 Sometimes, working in a school can be a little frustrating. You can have ideas and exciting plans, but they take a long time to come to fruition because of all the people you have to go through, and all the targets or conditions you have to meet. I was expecting that today when I went to the Head to talk to her about my Jazz/Lindy day proposal. She said yes STRAIGHT away, without a second thought. It was brilliant, and made me very happy. 🙂


🙂 Today, I found out the date of my best friend Mitt’s wedding. He’s one of my favourites, and so the thought of celebrating with him on his exciting day fills me with smiles.

I’m going to another friend’s wedding very soon too, and so High Spirits choir are preparing for it. They always make me smile – I’m lucky to have such a great group of people committed to it each week! 🙂


🙂 Today, I had the BEST EVER start to a morning at school. The head of music had hidden my lemon and ginger teabags, and had left me a trail of post-it -written clues to lead me to them. All the clues rhymed, and it was AWESOME. And I mean face-ache-from-smiling awesome. I called in a TrEAsure hunt – because the treasure was TEA. 🙂


🙂 Today, I went to my first ever Burns Night Supper. It was at the Pryde’s house, and the evening included a mini dining-room Ceilidh, a sing-along round the piano (including songs from West Side Story – ACE!) and some of the funniest bagpiping I have ever heard! Lots of smiles were had. At the end of the evening, I drove home in rather treacherous snowy conditions, which made me very thankful for my new car (the old one would never have made it home!) 🙂


🙂 Today was the day of Jules and Tom’s wedding, which, of course, brought many smiles. The choir sang wonderfully – possibly the best we’ve ever performed. The ceremony was lovely, the reception venue was perfect, the ‘serving wench’ idea hilariously adorable. I expected nothing less from Jules, knowing how great a job she does at Teapots and Twirls, but the attention to detail was just perfect. Smiles all round! 🙂


🙂 It was the first 2013 meeting of The Honeybirds this afternoon, so I baked a cake to mark the occasion. Jenny also brought cake to the rehearsal. Daisy brought 4 different varieties of cake. I think it’s easy to see why this made me smile today. 🙂


🙂 At 4:44am, Hendricks, who had been sleeping beside me, fell out of bed! It may have been early, but it still made me giggle!

At 9:38am, I received a text message from my best friend Emma who is back in the UK after her latest cruise contract. Now follows a few weeks of catching up, giggling, laughing and having adventures, before she heads off again. I LOVE it when she’s back! 🙂

For all the people and things to make me smile this week, I say a huge THANK YOU!

Tessa x


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