My Year of Smiles – Week Five

5th week of the year already – that’s almost 10% of the year already gone! (Sort of..)

Have you been making an effort to hold on to the little things that make you smile, rather than the negative things that make you frown? That’s what this is all about. πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ It’s easy to be hard on yourself sometimes: blame yourself for situations that aren’t really your fault, dwell on things you wonder if you could have played differently, see someone else’s situation and wish you were doing better/differently in your own life. Tonight, I decided to ignore all of those negative thoughts, and raise a toast to myself for all the right decisions I have made, and recognise all the great things I do, and the fact that I’m happy with who and where I am. The wine glass was rather large, and my Twitter friends joined me online, as did a few friends via text message. I was very smiley indeed. πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ I popped to Sheffield this evening, to play a gig for the good folk there. A lovely group of Lindy-Hopping friends came along, and the atmosphere (and band) were wonderful. Those factors, and the subsequent LOVELY compliments I received, made me very smiley indeed. The most humbling being from the lovely Dafydd: “your gigs are the only ones I would happily sit and listen to without dancing even once – if they weren’t so dancing-friendly! Your voice bowls me over every time. So thank YOU.” πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ The things that make us smile need not be big things. They don’t even need to make us grin for a long time – just a split second of happiness, if you like. This morning, I received an excellent text message from my Head of Music that reminded me of this. It alluded to us both being secret agents, charged with the mission of bringing Lindy Hop and Jazz to the masses (Year 8) and it made me smile lots. I consequently passed that smile forward to another ‘secret agent’ in on the mission. πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ I was in the car back from my Manchester gig as midnight struck marking the beginning of February. February has got to be my favourite month (it’s nearly my birthday!) and so seeing it’s arrival made me have a little smile to myself. πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ This morning, I went to finally upgrade my iPhone software, but found I didn’t have enough memory space to do so. This then lead to finding many voice memos on my phone, many of which made me smile, laugh, and be proud of my work: there were ideas for lyrics, melodies, songs, arrangements, there were recordings of my school choir, High Spirits, Solaris, The Honeybirds, and some bits of radio shows I want to listen to again. It was a wonderful treasure to discover! πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ The good people of Kingston Swing in Hull always make me smile. Today was their 5th birthday celebrations. I got to FLY with Meester Bruce (doing aerials) and do Jazz, Charleston, Lindy and smiling all in one place. Lovely Lovely. πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ Singing with Gav always makes me smile, but today had the added joy of free wine from a lovely bar-tender on Greek Street. Free wine will also always make me smile. πŸ™‚

For all the people and things to make me smile this week, I say a huge THANK YOU!

Tessa x


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