My Year of Smiles – Week Seven

Sometimes, I’m not smiley, and I find it genuinely hard to be so. But this year, I’m focussing on the things that make me smile and not dwelling on the other stuff.


:) My birthday week (maybe fortnight) continues today with pancake eating in London Town with LT and my first ever Swing Patrol class at Angel. Things alone to smile about, but what I particularly loved was that a girl in the SP class, on the basis of one spoken sentence, could tell I was from the North East. That doesn’t often happen, but I love being a proud Northerner, so it made me very happy.  :)


:) Instead of heading back to Leeds today, I heard that it was snowing there and decided to extend my London visit. I danced at the lovely ‘Passing Clouds’ this evening, and dancing always makes me smile. :)


:) Having been hosted by the lovely Mr Napper last night, today we partook in a marvellous pop-up game of pirates and aliens and dinosaurs and tree-creatures and explorers. The peril was mild, but very real and it sent me smiling on my way back to Leeds. 🙂


:) A lovely voicemail from Miles made me smile today, as I prepare for my birthday day. I also taught at Lindy Fridays today – again, dancing and Tessa is going to widen my grin. :)


:) It’s nice to have people to reach out to when you’re not feeling too able to smile. I’m lucky enough to have a few of those people, one of them being Tori. Thank you Tori for fixing my smile. x :)


:) BIRTHDAY! Champagne, cake, good friends, a wonderful family, a relaxed afternoon, many cards, some lovely gifts and a trip to the cinema for a Disney film! :)


:) It has been over a year since I have visited the lovely Casey family in their wonderful home. It was a genuine pleasure to be invited round for dinner, and be able to chat about all things Lindy/Life once more.  :)

For all the people and things to make me smile this week, I say a huge THANK YOU!

Tessa x



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